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About This Project
We welcome contributions from anyone around the World who has an interest in lighthouses and associated navigational aids. Photo, stories and archive articles allow this encyclopedia to become a focal point for maritime research.

One of the special items will be the documenting of the numerous ships which have lost close to any lighthouse. The importance of this is continue updating the massive database, which in some cases leads to finding a vessels location that was previously uncharted.

We also include any business or manufacturer that is supplying navigational systems or aids that are being used today. This section will assist the mariners and people in general as to what is being employed by shipping at this time. Knowledge of these systems leads to a better awareness towards the extent of maritime safety that the ship owners use for the safety of their passengers.

However we must point out that this is a non-profit making enterprise solely supported by donations and sponsors of this project. Although we will ensure the all Copyright details relating to any article, picture or document used in this encyclopedia. Also these details will be added to the growing list of contributors.

Many thanks in advance.

Martin Boyle


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